L- and H-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683621
Date 1/30/2024
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A.5. Transmitter PLL Switching Register Map

Enables you to perform transmitter PLL switching.
Table 179.  Transmitter PLL Switching Register Map
Name Address Type Attribute Name Encoding
Clock Source Selection 0x111 [4:0]



6'b000000: Select LCPLL bottom

6'b000001: Select LCPLL top

6'b000010: Select fPLL bottom

6'b000011: Select fPLL top

6'b000100: Select CH1 TxPLL bottom

6'b000101: Select CH1 TxPLL top

6'b000110: Select same CH TxPLL

6'b000111: Select LCPLL high speed

6'b100000: Select LCPLL bottom

6'b100001: Select LCPLL top

6'b100010: Select fPLL bottom

6'b100011: Select fPLL top

6'b101000: FPLL_BOT_G2_LCPLL_BOT_G3

6'b101001: FPLL_BOT_G2_LCPLL_TOP_G3

6'b101010: FPLL_TOP_G2_LCPLL_BOT_G3 6'b101011: FPLL_TOP_G2_LCPLL_TOP_G3

6'b011000: Select from x6/xN TX clk mux

0x111 [7:5]



3'b000: Select XN up

3'b001: Select XN down

3'b010: Select X6 top

3'b011: Select X6 bottom

3'b100: Select local CGB
Note: Bits [6:5] are always set to 0 whenever bit [7] is set to 1.
Logical PLL Switch Look-Up 0x117 [3:0] read-only scratch0_x1_clock_src

These bits represent the logical PLL to physical mapping of PLLs

4'b0000: LCPLL Bot

4'b0001: LCPLL Top

4'b0010: fPLL Bot

4'b0011: fPLL Top

4'b0100: CH1 TxPLL Bot

4'b0101: CH1 TxPLL Top

4'b0110: Same CH TxPLL

4'b0111: LCPLL High Speed

4'b1000: HFCLK_XN_UP

4'b1001: HFCLK_XN_DN

4'b1010: HFCLK_X6_UP

4'b1011: HFCLK_X6_DN

4'b1111: Not Used

Note: The same mapping applies to all four registers.
0x117 [7:4] read-only scratch1_x1_clock_src
0x118 [3:0] read-only scratch2_x1_clock_src
0x118 [7:4] read-only scratch3_x1_clock_src