L- and H-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683621
Date 7/20/2022
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8.1. Transceiver Toolkit GUI

The transceiver toolkit GUI consists of a main window with multiple panes that allows you to interact with the design currently running on the host computer.
The following are the main components of the GUI.
  • Collection View— Allows you to configure and control transceiver channels and links, and adjust programmable analog settings to improve the signal integrity of the link.
  • Toolkit Explorer—Displays all available toolkits and launches tools that use the System Console framework.
  • System Explorer—Displays a list of interactive instances in your design, including board connections, devices, designs, servers, and scripts.
  • Tcl Console—Allows you to interact with your design using Tcl scripts, for example, sourcing scripts, writing procedures, and using System Console API.
  • Message Window—Displays status, warning, error messages related to connections and debug actions.
The following figure shows the transceiver toolkit GUI.
Figure 254. Transceiver Toolkit GUI

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