L- and H-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683621
Date 1/30/2024
Document Table of Contents Programmable Pre-Emphasis

Pre-emphasis can maximize the eye at the far-end receiver. The programmable pre-emphasis module in each transmit buffer amplifies high frequencies in the transmit data signal, to compensate for attenuation in the transmission media.
The pre-tap emphasizes the bit before the transition and de-emphasizes the remaining bits. A different polarity on pre-tap does the opposite.
Note: The Intel® Stratix® 10 L-Tile/H-Tile Pre-emphasis and Output Swing Estimator was created for the ES device family only. For L- and H-Tile Intel® Stratix® 10 production devices, you must use the L-Tile/H-Tile Transceiver Native PHY Intel® Stratix® 10 FPGA IP to verify the valid output swing level (VOD), pre-emphasis pre-tap and post tap settings under the Analog PMA Settings tab in the IP GUI. An invalid setting generates error messages under the System Messages pane.