L- and H-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683621
Date 1/30/2024
Document Table of Contents Custom Simulation Scripts

You can automate simulations by creating customized scripts. You can generate scripts manually. In addition, you can use ip-setup-simulation utility to generate a simulation script as a template and then make the necessary changes. The following table shows a list of script directories NativeLink generates.

Table 124.   Custom Simulation Scripts for Third Party RTL Simulation


Simulation File


Mentor Graphics ModelSim or QuestaSim

/simulation/ modelsim/modelsim_setup.do



Source directly with your simulator. Run do msim_setup.tcl, followed by ld_debug. If you have more than one IP, each IP has a dedicated msim_setup.tcl file. Make sure that you combine all the files included in the msim_setup.tcl files into one common msim_setup.tcl file.

Aldec Riviera Pro

/simulation/ aldec/rivierapro_setup.tcl

Source directly with your simulator.

Synopsys VCS


Add your testbench file name to this file to pass the testbench file to VCS using the –file option. If you specify a testbench file for NativeLink and do not choose to simulate, NativeLink generates a script that runs VCS.

Synopsys VCS MX


Run this script at the command line using quartus_sh–t <script> . Any testbench you specify with NativeLink is included in this script.