L- and H-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

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Date 1/30/2024
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6.17. Reconfiguration Interface and Dynamic Revision History

Document Version Changes
2022.07.20 Made the following change:
  • Added note in step. 4 of Switching Transmitter PLL to clarify the transmitter PLL switching procedure.
2020.03.03 Made the following change:
  • In Multiple Reconfiguration Profiles, clarified that fPLL in Core mode does not support the dynamic reconfiguration feature.
2019.10.02 Made the following change:
  • Simplified the reconfig_clk specification to "up to 150 MHz."
2019.05.08 Made the following change:
  • Removed note in Reconfiguring Between GX and GXT Channels.
2019.03.22 Made the following change:
  • Added steps to disable the re-enable background calibration in Steps to Perform Dynamic Reconfiguration, Channel Reconfiguration, and PLL Reconfiguration.
2018.07.06 Made the following changes:
  • Modified Direct Reconfiguration Flow, Native PHY IP or PLL IP Core Guided Reconfiguration Flow, and Reconfiguration Flow to reflect changes to Steps to Perform Dynamic Reconfiguration.
  • Added steps 5 to 13 to Steps to Perform Dynamic Reconfiguration.
  • Added clarification that you can dynamically reconfigure both channels and PLLs to Interacting with the Reconfiguration Interface.
2018.03.16 Made the following changes:
  • Added topics "Channel Reconfiguration" and "PLL Reconfiguration".
  • Cases added to close timing for reconfiguration profiles.
  • Added a new diagram "Reconfigurable Interfaces".
  • Combined three topics (Configuration Files, Multiple Reconfiguration Profiles, Embedded Reconfiguration Profiles) in 1 "Topic Name TBD".
2017.06.06 Made the following changes:
  • Added a new table "pre_reconfig bit mapping" in "Steps to Dynamic Reconfiguration" topic.
  • Topic "Reconfiguring Between GX and GXT Channels" removed for this release.
  • Topic "Changing Analog PMA Settings" updated.
  • Example code added in "Native PHY Debug Master Endpoint (NPDME)" topic.
2016.12.21 Initial release