L- and H-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683621
Date 1/30/2024
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2.3. Configuring the Native PHY IP Core

This section describes the use of the Intel-provided Transceiver Native PHY IP core. This Native PHY IP core is the primary design entry tool and provides direct access to Intel® Stratix® 10 transceiver PHY features.

Use the Native PHY IP core to configure the transceiver PHY for your protocol implementation. To instantiate the IP, select the Intel® Stratix® 10 device family, click Tools > IP Catalog to select your IP core variation. Use the Parameter Editor to specify the IP parameters and configure the PHY IP for your protocol implementation. To quickly configure the PHY IP, select a preset that matches your protocol configuration as a starting point. Presets are PHY IP configuration settings for various protocols that are stored in the IP Parameter Editor. Presets are explained in detail in the Presets section below.

You can also configure the PHY IP by selecting an appropriate Transceiver Configuration Rule. The transceiver configuration rules check the valid combinations of the PCS and PMA blocks in the transceiver PHY layer, and report errors or warnings for any invalid settings.

Use the Native PHY IP core to instantiate one of the following PCS options:

  • Standard PCS
  • Enhanced PCS
  • PCIe Gen3 PCS
  • PCS Direct

Based on the Transceiver Configuration Rule that you select, the PHY IP core selects the appropriate PCS. Refer to the How to Place Channels for PIPE Configuration section or the PCIe solutions guides on restrictions on placement of transceiver channels next to active banks with PCI Express interfaces that are Gen3 capable.

After you configure the PHY IP core in the Parameter Editor, click Generate HDL to generate the IP instance. The top level file generated with the IP instance includes all the available ports for your configuration. Use these ports to connect the PHY IP core to the PLL IP core, the reset controller IP core, and to other IP cores in your design.

Figure 24. Native PHY IP Core Ports and Functional Blocks
Figure 25. Native PHY IP Core Parameter Editor
Note: Although the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software provides legality checks, the supported FPGA fabric to PCS interface widths and the supported datarates are pending characterization.