Give Intel. Get amazing.

Your new computer driven by 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors delivers the power, convenience, and entertainment your family needs for the holidays.

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Exclusive VR Partner for NBA on TNT

Intel® True VR technology will deliver amazing VR experiences for the NBA on TNT. Enjoy amazing coverage and spectacular 360-degree views starting with NBA All-Star 2018.

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Future-proof Your Business

Businesses overflow with information—some which can enable data-driven decisions and create opportunity. We are here to help you manage today’s critical workloads—and set you up for the future. Your digital transformation starts now.

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A New Frontier for Climate Research

Intel ventured to the front lines of climate research, partnering with Arctic conservationist Ole Liodden to redefine the way we study our changing planet. In the face of thinning ice sheets and volatile Arctic seas, Ole and the Intel drone team set forth to pioneer a new way to study the polar bear population and its rapidly changing habitat.

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8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Stay ahead of the digital world with Intel’s most powerful processor, designed for what’s coming, including 4K ultra high definition video, advanced gaming, and virtual reality (VR).

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Transform Your Business from the Sky

Intel commercial drones power your business with the high quality data and insights to evolve, grow, and thrive.

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Welcome to the Future of the Olympic Games