HPC Development

Build cross-architecture HPC, AI, and scientific visualization applications efficiently.


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The HPC Software Journey to Exascale & Zettascale

HPC is driving significant modern-day discoveries using traditional HPC methods and newer AI augmented solutions. These discoveries are at the core of breakthroughs in science, engineering, finance, and medicine—from crash simulation to weather forecasting to molecular modeling.

HPC Software Portfolio

Intel’s end-to-end, flexible HPC solutions deliver world-class compute, acceleration, and software innovation built around performance, openness, and scale.

Cross-architecture Performance

Powerful hardware (CPU, GPU, and FPGA) capabilities and oneAPI software to simplify development and boost performance enable portability across HPC nodes, data-center servers, high-powered workstations, and cloud.

Open Development

Through open development, the ecosystem innovates faster. Intel’s open-source technology contributions and oneAPI open, cross-architecture programming provides choices without proprietary lock-in.

Ecosystem Leadership

Collaborations with universities and research organizations, industry groups, standards bodies, and HPC communities continuously innovate and scale new HPC technologies.

Intel oneAPI Cross-architecture Development Tools

Developers, researchers, and data scientists can confidently develop performant code quickly and correctly with these tools. Scale compute-intensive workloads that exploit cutting-edge features of HPC clusters, CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs powered by Intel. oneAPI supports HPC standards including C/C++, Fortran, Python*, OpenMP*, SYCL*, and MPI for integration with existing code.