L- and H-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

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Date 1/30/2024
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A.4.3.3. PRBS Verifier

PRBS Verifier can be used to provide a simple and easy way to verify and characterize high-speed links. Note that you must also configure the registers in Other registers needed for PRBS verifier in order to use this feature.
Name Address Type Attribute Name Encodings
PRBS Verifier Clk Enable


read-write prbs_clken

1'b0: PRBS Clock Disable

1'b1: PRBS Clock Enable

PRBS Error Mask Threshold


read-write rx_prbs_mask

Masks out the initial errors seen by PRBS Verifier.

2'b11: PRBS Mask 1024

2'b00: PRBS Mask 128

2'b01: PRBS Mask 256

2'b10: PRBS Mask 512

PRBS Pattern Select



read-write prbs_ver

Register format {0x00C[0], 0x00B[7:4]} :

5'b00001: PRBS 7

5'b00010: PRBS 9

5'b00100: PRBS 15

5'b01000: PRBS 23

5'b10000: PRBS 31

5'b00000: Disable PRBS in 64-bit mode

PRBS_9 Width Select


read-write prbs9_dwidth

1'b1: PRBS 9 10 bits

1'b0: PRBS 9 64bits

Deserializer Factor


read-write deser_factor

4'b0001: 10 bits

4'b1110: 64 bits