L- and H-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683621
Date 1/30/2024
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A.4.7. Embedded Streamer (Native PHY)

Enables logic in Native PHY to store the individual profile information and perform .mif streaming.
Name Address Type Attribute Name Encodings
Configuration Profile Select


read-write PHYIP_cfg_sel

Selects the Configuration from the list of configurations specified by you in the Native PHY IP Parameter Editor. It represents the profile number between the GUI multi-profile generation.

Profile 0: 3'b000

Profile 1: 3'b001

Profile 2: 3'b010

Profile 3: 3'b011

Profile 4: 3'b100

Profile 5: 3'b101

Profile 6: 3'b110

Profile 7: 3'b111

Broadcast enable


read-write PHYIP_bcast_en Selection to broadcast the profile selected using register cfg_sel to the channels.1'b1- Broadcast the same profile to all the channels ,1'b0- Single Channel
Start Streaming


read-write PHYIP_cfg_load Set to 1'b1 to initiate streaming, self-clearing bit
Busy Status Bit


read-only PHYIP_rcfg_busy

This bit indicates the status of the profile streaming

1'b0: Streaming is complete

1'b1: Streaming is in progress