V-Series Transceiver PHY IP Core User Guide

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Date 7/26/2022
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17.14. Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller PLL Reconfiguration

You can use the PLL reconfiguration registers to change the reference clock input to the TX PLL or the clock data recovery (CDR) circuitry.

The PLL registers for dynamic reconfiguration feature are available when you select one of the following transceiver PHY IP cores:

  • Custom PHY IP Core
  • Low Latency PHY IP Core
  • Deterministic Latency PHY IP Core
  • Arria V, Arria V GZ, Cyclone V, and Stratix V Native PHYs

You can establish the number of possible PLL configurations on the Reconfiguration tab of the appropriate transceiver PHY IP core. The Reconfiguration tab allows you to specify up to five input reference clocks and up to four TX PLLs. You can also change the input clock source to the CDR PLL; up to five input clock sources are possible. If you plan to dynamically reconfigure the PLLs in your design, you must also enable Allow PLL Reconfiguration and specify the Main TX PLL logical index which is the PLL that the Intel® Quartus® Prime software instantiates at power up. The following figures illustrates these parameters.

Figure 91. Reconfiguration Tab of Custom, Low Latency, and Deterministic Latency Transceiver PHYs
Figure 92. Reconfiguration Tab of Native Transceiver PHYs
Note: If you dynamically reconfigure PLLs, you must provide your own reset logic by including the Altera Reset Controller IP Core or your own custom reset logic in your design. For more information about the Altera-provided reset controller, refer to Chapter 17, Transceiver PHY Reset Controller IP Core.

For more information about the Stratix V reset sequence, refer to Transceiver Reset Control in Stratix V Devices in volume 2 of the Stratix V Device Handbook. For Arria V devices, refer to Transceiver Reset Control and Power-Down in Arria V Devices. For Cyclone V devices refer to Transceiver Reset Control and Power Down in Cyclone V Devices.

When you specify multiple PLLs, you must use the QSF assignment, XCVR_TX_PLL_RECONFIG_GROUP, to identify the PLLs within a reconfiguration group using the Assignment Editor. The XCVR_TX_PLL_RECONFIG_GROUP assignment identifies PLLs that the Intel® Quartus® Prime Fitter can merge. You can assign TX PLLs from different transceiver PHY IP core instances to the same group.

Note: You must create the XCVR_TX_PLL_RECONFIG_GROUP even if one transceiver PHY IP core instance instantiates multiple TX PLLs.

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