V-Series Transceiver PHY IP Core User Guide

ID 683171
Date 7/26/2022
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21.1. Differences in Dynamic Reconfiguration for Stratix IV and Stratix V Transceivers

Dynamic reconfiguration interface is completely new in Stratix V devices. You cannot automatically migrate a dynamic reconfiguration solution from Stratix IV to Stratix V devices.

Stratix V devices that include transceivers must use the Altera Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller that contains the offset cancellation logic to compensate for variations due to PVT. Initially, each transceiver channel and each TX PLL has its own parallel, dynamic reconfiguration bus, named reconfig_from_xcvr[45:0] and reconfig_to_xcvr[69:0]. The reconfiguration bus includes Avalon-MM signals to read and write registers and memory and test bus signals. When you instantiate a transceiver PHY in a Stratix V device, the transceiver PHY IP core provides informational messages specifying the number of required reconfiguration interfaces in the message pane.

Informational Messages for the Transceiver Reconfiguration Interface

PHY IP will require 5 reconfiguration interfaces for connection to the external reconfiguration controller.
Reconfiguration interface offsets 0-3 are connected to the transceiver channels.
Reconfiguration interface offset 4 is connected to the transmit PLL.

Although you must initially create a separate reconfiguration interface for each channel and TX PLL in your design, when the Intel® Quartus® Prime software compiles your design, it reduces the number of reconfiguration interfaces by merging reconfigurations interfaces. The synthesized design typically includes a reconfiguration interface for three channels. Allowing the Intel® Quartus® Prime software to merge reconfiguration interfaces gives the Fitter more flexibility in placing transceiver channels.

Stratix IV devices that include transceivers must use the ALTGX_RECONFIG IP Core to implement dynamic reconfiguration. The ALTGX_RECONFIG IP Core always includes the following two serial buses:

  • reconfig_from[<n>16:0]— this bus connects to all the channels in a single quad. <n> is the number of quads connected to the ALTGX_RECONFIG IP Core.
  • reconfig_togxb[3:0]—this single bus connects to all transceiver channels.

If you select additional functionality in the MegaWizard Plug-In Manager for the ALTGX_RECONFIG IP Core, the IP core adds signals to support that functionality. For more information about the ALTGX_RECONFIG IP Core, refer to ALTGX_RECONFIG Megafunction User Guide for Stratix IV Devices in volume 3 of the Stratix IV Device Handbook.