V-Series Transceiver PHY IP Core User Guide

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Date 7/26/2022
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8.4. Interlaken PHY Optional Port Parameters

This section describes the Interlaken PHY optional port parameters you can set on the Optional Ports tab.
Table 101.  Optional Ports
Parameter Value Description
Enable RX status signals, (word lock, sync lock, crc32 error) as part of rx_parallel_data On/Off When you turn this option on, rx_parallel_data[71:69] are included in the top-level module. These optional signals report the status of word and synchronization locks and CRC32 errors. Refer to Avalon-ST RX Signals for more information.
Create tx_coreclkin port On/Off

The tx_coreclkin drives the write side of TX FIFO. This clock is required for multi-lane synchronization but is optional for single lane Interlaken links.

If tx_coreclkin is deselected for single lane Interlaken links, tx_user_clkout drives the TX side of the write FIFO. You must use the tx_user_clkout output port to drive transmit data in the Interlaken MAC.

Create rx_coreclkin port On/Off When selected rx_coreclkin is available as input port which drives the read side of RX FIFO, When deselected rx_user_clkout, rx_clkout for all bonded receiver lanes, is routed internally to drive the RX read side of FIFO. rx_user_clkout is also available as an output port for the Interlaken MAC.