V-Series Transceiver PHY IP Core User Guide

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Date 7/26/2022
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7.12.1. SDR XGMII TX Interface

This section describes the signals in the SDR TX XGMII interface.
Table 88.  SDR TX XGMII Interface
Signal Name Direction Description
xgmii_tx_dc[71:0] Output

Contains 4 lanes of data and control for XGMII. Each lane consists of 16 bits of data and 2 bits of control.

  • Lane 0–[7:0]/[8], [43:36]/[44]
  • Lane 1–[16:9]/[17], [52:45]/[53]
  • Lane 2–[25:18]/[26], [61:54]/[62]
  • Lane 3–[34:27]/[35],[70:63]/[71]
xgmii_tx_clk Input The XGMII SDR TX clock which runs at 156.25 MHz or 312.5 for the DDR variant.