V-Series Transceiver PHY IP Core User Guide

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Date 7/26/2022
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17.21. MIF Format

The MIF file is organized into records where each record contains the information necessary to carry out the reconfiguration process.

There are two types of records: non-data records and data records. A MIF can contain a variable number of records, depending on the target transceiver channel. Both data records and non-data records are 16-bits long.

For both record types the high-order 5 bits represent the length field. A length field of 5’b0, indicates a non-data record which contains an opcode. A length field that is not zero indicates a data record.

For a non-data record, the opcode is represented by the lower 5-bits in the record.

Table 342.  Opcodes for MIF Files
Opcode Opcode Description
5’b00000 Reserved
5’b00001 Start of MIF

Channel format indicator specifying the MIF channel type. The following encodings are defined:

  • 3’b000: Duplex channel
  • 3’b001: TX PLL (CMU)
  • 3’b010: RX only channel
  • 3’b011: TX only channel
  • 3’b100: TX PLL (ATX)
5’b00011 Reference Clock switch
5’b00100 CGB switch
5’b00101-5’b11110 Reserved
5’b11111 End of MIF (EOM)

For data records, the low-order 11 bits provide a logical offset address. In this case, the length field indicates the number of data records that are written into the specified address. For example, if the length field is set to two, the next two records belong the data record and are written into the offset address.

All MIF files must contain the lines in the following table.

Table 343.  Required Lines for All MIFs
Line Number Description Content Includes
0 Specifies start of the reconfiguration MIF Start of MIF opcode
1 Specifies the type of MIF Type of MIF opcode
2 Specifies the reference clock RefClk switch opcode
3 Specifies the PLL switch CGB PLL switch opcode
Last Specifies end of reconfiguration MIF End of MIF Opcode
The following figure provides an example of a typical MIF format; entries 3, 7, and <n> are data records.
Figure 93. MIF File Format