V-Series Transceiver PHY IP Core User Guide

ID 683171
Date 7/26/2022
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5.16. 1G/10GbE PHY Register Definitions

You can access the 1G/10GbE registers using the Avalon-MM PHY management interface with word addresses and a 32-bit embedded processor. A single address space provides access to all registers.


  • Unless otherwise indicated, the default value of all registers is 0.
  • Writing to reserved or undefined register addresses may have undefined side effects.
  • To avoid any unspecified bits to be erroneously overwritten, you must perform read-modify-writes to change the register values.
Table 60.  1G/10GbE Register Definitions
Addr Bit R/W Name Description
0xB0 0 RW Reset SEQ When set to 1, resets the sequencer. This bit must be used in conjunction with SEQ Force Mode[2:0] . This reset self clears.
1 Reserved.
2 RW Disable LF Timer When set to 1, disables the Link Fault timer. When set to 0, the Link Fault timer is enabled.
6:4 RW SEQ Force Mode[2:0] Forces the sequencer to a specific protocol. Allows you to change speeds if you have turned on Enable automatic speed detection in the GUI. You must write the Reset SEQ bit to 1 for the Force to take effect. The following encodings are defined:
  • 3'b000: No force
  • 3'b001: GigE
  • 3'b010: Reserved
  • 3'b011: Reserved
  • 3'b100: 10GBASE-R
  • 3'b101: Reserved
  • Others: Reserved
0xB1 0 RO SEQ Link Ready When asserted, the sequencer is indicating that the link is ready.