V-Series Transceiver PHY IP Core User Guide

ID 683171
Date 7/26/2022
Document Table of Contents

5. 1G/10Gbps Ethernet PHY IP Core

The 1G/10 Gbps Ethernet PHY MegaCore® (1G/10GbE) function allows you to instantiate both the Standard PCS and the higher performance 10G PCS and a PMA. The Standard PCS implements the 1 GbE protocol as defined in Clause 36 of the IEEE 802.3 2005 Standard and also supports auto‑negotiation as defined in Clause 37 of the IEEE 802.3 2005 Standard standard. The 10G PCS implements the 10 Gb Ethernet protocol as defined in IEEE 802.3 2005 Standard.

You can switch dynamically between the 1G and 10G PCS using the Altera Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller IP Core to reprogram the core. This Ethernet core targets 1G/10GbE applications including network interfaces to 1G/10GbE dual speed SFP+ pluggable modules, 1G/10GbE 10GBASE‑T copper external PHY devices to drive CAT‑6/7 shielded twisted pair cables, and chip‑to‑chip interfaces.

The following figure shows the top‑level modules of the 1G/10GbE PHY IP Core. As this figure indicates, the 1G/10 Gbps Ethernet PHY connects to a separately instantiated MAC. The 10G PCS receives and transmits XGMII data. The Standard PCS receives and transmits GMII data. An Avalon Memory‑Mapped (Avalon‑MM) slave interface provides access to PCS registers. the PMA receives and transmits serial data.

Figure 29. Level Modules of the 1G/10GbE PHY MegaCore Function

An Avalon® Memory‑Mapped (Avalon‑MM) slave interface provides access to the 1G/10GbE PHY IP Core registers. These registers control many of the functions of the other blocks. Many of these bits are defined in Clause 45 of IEEE Std 802.3ap‑2007.