V-Series Transceiver PHY IP Core User Guide

ID 683171
Date 7/26/2022
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17.25.2. Streamer-Based Reconfiguration

Follow these steps to reconfigure a transceiver setting by streaming the contents of a MIF file through the Streamer Module.
  1. Write the logical channel number to the Streamer logical channel register.
  2. Write MIF mode, 2’b00, to the Streamer control and status register mode bits.
  3. Write the MIF base address, 0x0, to the Streamer offset register.
  4. Write the base address of the MIF file to the Streamer data register.
  5. Write the Streamer control and status register write bit to 1'b1 to initiate a write of all the data set in the previous steps.
  6. Write to the Streamer offset register with the value to start a MIF stream, 0x1.
  7. Write the Streamer internal data register with the value 0x3 to setup the streaming of the MIF.
  8. Write to the Streamer control and status register to 1'b1, to initiate the streaming operation.
  9. Read the control and status register busy bit. When the busy bit is deasserted, the MIF streaming operation has completed.
The following example illustrates the reconfiguration of logical channel 0 using a MIF with a base address of 0x100.

Reconfiguration of Logical Channel 0 Using a MIF

#Setting logical channel 0
write_32 0x38 0x0
#Setting Streamer mode to 0
write_32 0x3A 0x0
#Setting Streamer offset register to the MIF base address (0x0)
write_32 0x3B 0x0
#Setting data register with the MIF base address
write_32 0x3C 0x100
#Writing all data to the Streamer
write_32 0x3A 0x1
#Setting Streamer Module offset for Start MIF stream
write_32 0x3B 0x1
#Setting data register with 0x3 to setup for streaming
write_32 0x3C 0x3
#Writing all data to the Streamer to start streaming the MIF
write_32 0x3A 0x1
#Read the busy bit to determine when the write has completed
read_32 0x3A