V-Series Transceiver PHY IP Core User Guide

ID 683171
Date 7/26/2022
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15.9. Slew Rate Settings

The following transceiver slew rate settings are allowed in Intel® Quartus® Prime software.
Table 294.  Slew Rate Settings for Arria V GZ devices
Protocol / Datarate Allowed Intel® Quartus® Prime Settings IBIS-AMI Settings
PCI Express Gen3, Gen2, CEI 4 *_30ps
PCI Express Gen1, XAUI 3 *_50ps
Gigabit Ethernet 1 *_160ps
SATA_1500 sub-protocol 3 *_50ps
SATA_3000 sub-protocol 3 *_50ps
SATA_6000 sub-protocol 4 *_30ps
=<1 Gbps 1, 2, 3 *_160ps, *_90ps, *_50ps
1 Gbps - 3 Gbps 2, 3 *_90ps, *_50ps
3 Gbps - 6 Gbps 3, 4 *_50ps, *_30ps
>6 Gbps 5 *_15ps

Assigning an invalid slew rate will result in an error message similar to the one below:

Error (15001): Assignment XCVR_TX_SLEW_RATE_CTRL of value "4" conflicts with the valid parameter values for pm_tx_slew_rate_ctrl

  • Protocol declarations take priority over datarate. For example, XAUI has a per-lane datarate of 3.125 Gbps, but only a setting of "3" is allowed. A setting of "4" is not allowed for XAUI.
  • For protocols not listed in the table, you should use the slew settings associated with your datarate.
  • The IBIS-AMI slew rate figure is defined as the approximate transmitter 20% - 80% rise time. The "ps" figure should not be considered quantitative and is an approximate label only.
  • The IBIS-AMI models will allow you to simulate any slew rate setting for any datarate or protocol.