RapidIO II Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683444
Date 9/28/2020
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3.4.9. Source Operations CAR

The Source operations CAR override parameter supports user input to the values of all of the fields of the Source Operations CAR. You can use this parameter to specify that your RapidIO II IP core variation handles some specific functionality through the Avalon-ST pass-through port.

The 32-bit default value of the Source Operations CAR is determined by the functionality you enable in the RapidIO II IP core with other settings in the parameter editor. For example, if you turn on Enable Maintenance module, the PORT_WRITE field is set by default to the value of 1’b1. However, the actual reset value of the Source Operations CAR is the result of the bitwise exclusive-or operation applied to the default values and the value you specify for the Source operations CAR override parameter.

For example, by default, the Data Message field of this CAR is turned off. However, you can set the value of the Source operations CAR override parameter to 32’h00000800 to override the default value of the Data Message field, to indicate that user logic attached to the Avalon-ST pass-through interface supports data message operations. The RapidIO II IP core supports reporting of data-message related errors through the standard Error Management Extensions registers.