RapidIO II Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683444
Date 9/28/2020
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6.1.6. Maintenance Module Registers Memory Map6.3.3.1. Maintenance Module Registers Memory Map

Table 83.  Table 124.  Maintenance Module Registers Memory Map
Address Register
0x10080 Maintenance Interrupt
0x10084 Maintenance Interrupt Enable
0x10088 – 0x100FC Reserved
0x10100 Tx Maintenance Window 0 Base
0x10104 Tx Maintenance Window 0 Mask
0x10108 Tx Maintenance Window 0 Offset
0x1010C Tx Maintenance Window 0 Control
0x10110 – 0x1011C Tx Maintenance Windows 1
0x10200 Tx Port Write Control
0x10204 Tx Port Write Status
0x10210 – 0x1024C Tx Port Write Buffer
0x10250 Rx Port Write Control
0x10254 Rx Port Write Status
0x10260 – 0x1029C Rx Port Write Buffer
0x102A0 – 0x102FC Reserved

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