RapidIO II Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683444
Date 9/28/2020
Document Table of Contents

3.2.2. Enable Avalon® -ST Pass-Through Interface

Turn on Enable Avalon® -ST pass-through interface to include the Avalon® -ST pass-through interface in your RapidIO II variation.
The Transport layer routes all unrecognized packets to the Avalon® -ST pass-through interface. Unrecognized packets are those that contain Format Types (ftypes) for Logical layers not enabled in this IP core, or destination IDs not assigned to this endpoint. However, if you disable destination ID checking, the packet is a request packet with a supported ftype, and the Transport Type (tt) field of the packet matches the device ID width setting of this IP core, the packet is routed to the appropriate Logical layer.
Note: The destination ID can match this endpoint only if the tt field in the packet matches the device ID width setting of the endpoint.
Request packets with a supported ftype and correct tt field, but an unsupported ttype, are routed to the Logical layer supporting the ftype, which allows the following tasks:
  • An ERROR response can be sent to requests that require a response.
  • An unsupported_transaction error can be recorded in the Error Management extension registers.
Response packets are routed to a Logical layer module or the Avalon® -ST pass-through port based on the value of the target transaction ID field.