RapidIO II Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683444
Date 9/28/2020
Document Table of Contents Port 0 Local AckID CSR

Table 94.  Port 0 Local AckID CSR — 0x148
Field Bits Access Function Default
CLR_OUTSTANDING_ ACKIDS [31] RW Writing 1 to this bit causes the RapidIO II IP core to discard all outstanding unacknowledged packets. Reading this bit always returns the value of 0. Software can write a 1 to this bit when attempting to recover a failed link. 1’b0
RSRV [30] RO Reserved. 1’b0
INBOUND_ACKID [29:24] RO Next expected packet ackID. 6’b0
RSRV [23:14] RO Reserved. 10’b0
OUTSTANDING_ ACKID [13:8] RO Next expected acknowledge control-symbol ackID. When you write to the OUTBOUND_ACKID field, the IP core sets the OUTSTANDING_ACKID field to the same value. 6’b0
RSRV [7:6] RO Reserved. 2'b0
OUTBOUND_ACKID [5:0] RW Next transmitted packet ackID. Writing a value to this field sets the OUTSTANDING_ACKID field to the same value. Software can write to this field to force retransmission of outstanding unacknowledged packets in order to manually implement error recovery. 6’b0