RapidIO II Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683444
Date 9/28/2020
Document Table of Contents Data Streaming Information CAR

Table 115.  Data Streaming Information CAR — Offset: 0x3C
Field Bits Access Function Default
MaxPDU [31:16] RO Indicates the maximum PDU size that this destination end point supports. Unit is bytes. 0
SegSupport [15:0] RO Indicates the number of segmentation contexts that this destination end point supports.
  • 16'h0000 – 65536 segmentation contexts
  • 16'h0001 – 1 segmentation context
  • 16'h0002 – 2 segmentation contexts
  • ...
  • 16’hFFFF – 65535 segmentation contexts
Note: User logic must implement the functionality and registers to support data streaming configuration. The values in this register do not affect the IP core.

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