Intel® Arria® 10 Core Fabric and General Purpose I/Os Handbook

ID 683461
Date 10/25/2023
Document Table of Contents

10.2.1. SmartVID

The SmartVID feature allows a power regulator to provide the Arria® 10 device with a lower VCC and VCCP voltage level while maintaining the performance of the specific device speed grade. Operating the Arria® 10 device at lower than nominal VCC and VCCP voltage levels reduces total power consumption. The minimum voltage level required by Arria® 10 devices is programmed into a fuse block during device manufacturing. Intel provides an IP core to read these values and communicate them to an external power regulator or system power controller. This feature is supported in –2 and –3 speed grades devices with –V power option only.

When the SmartVID feature is used, Arria® 10 devices need to be powered up at the nominal voltage level. During configuration and partial reconfiguration modes, Arria® 10 devices continue to operate at the nominal voltage level. Upon entering user mode, the Arria® 10 device can operate at a lower voltage as indicated in the fuse block. The error detection cyclic redundancy check (EDCRC) feature is supported for –2 speed grade devices even when the SmartVID feature is used. However, for other speed grades, Arria® 10 devices need to operate at nominal voltage when performing the EDCRC feature. The scrubbing and partial reconfiguration features are supported only when the device is operated at nominal voltage.

Note: Arria® 10 HPS EMIF IP does not support SmartVID.