E-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683723
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents

9.3.2. Set PRBS Mode and Internal Serial Loopback

This configures both the PRBS generator and checker for different PRBS patterns.
  • 0x200[0]: 1’b1 to enable internal serial loopback enabled. 1’b0 to disable internal serial loopback.
  • 0x200[4:1]: 4’h0 for PRBS7
  • 0x200[4:1]: 4’h1 for PRBS9
  • 0x200[4:1]: 4’h2 for PRBS11
  • 0x200[4:1]: 4’h3 for PRBS13
  • 0x200[4:1]: 4’h4 for PRBS15
  • 0x200[4:1]: 4’h5 for PRBS23
  • 0x200[4:1]: 4’h6 for PRBS31
  • 0x200[4:1]: 4’hF to disable PRBS
  • 0x201[7:0]: 8’h00
  • 0x202[7:0]: 8’h00
  • 0x203[7:0]: 8’h93