E-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

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Date 9/08/2023
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5.1. PMA Calibration Revision History

Document Version Changes
2021.02.10 Made the following change:
  • Clarified the "Enabling PMA Calibration" flowchart.
2019.02.04 Made the following changes:
  • Added link to Reconfiguring the Duplex PMA Using the Reset Controller in Automatic Mode.
  • Added reminder: Refer to PMA Attribute Codes for information on which attributes can only be changed when the PMA is disabled.
2018.07.18 Made the following changes:
  • Added instructions to PMA Calibration: When dynamically reconfiguring the PMA to a different data rate, you need to recalibrate the PMA. The PMA calibration is run when the PMA is enabled, so you first disable the PMA.
  • Added the "Wait for tx_pma_ready and rx_pma_ready ports to assert" block to the "Enabling PMA Calibration" figure.
2018.05.15 Made the following changes:
  • Added instructions to enable/disable the PMA using PMA attribute code 0x0001.
  • Added the "Changing a Setting When the PMA Cannot be Running" flowchart.
2018.01.31 Initial release.