E-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683723
Date 9/30/2022
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7.12.2. Reconfiguring PMA Settings

The following steps allow you to reconfigure PMA settings as needed.
  1. Set 0x91 to 0x01 if you want to:
    • Go to the initial PMA configuration (when the embedded reconfiguration streamer is not used)
    • Go to the last selected profile (when the embedded reconfiguration streamer is used)
    0x91[0] automatically clears once the PMA is loaded with the correct settings.
  2. If you want to change the PMA to a new configuration, you must send the following attributes in the following order:
    1. Set the TX data rate to reference clock ratio by sending attribute code 0x0005.
    2. Set the RX data rate to reference clock ratio by sending attribute code 0x0006.
    3. Set the PMA's serializer/deserialzer ratios and NRZ/PAM4 by sending attribute code 0x0014.
    4. Set the TX equalization by sending attribute code 0x0015.
    5. Request PMA calibration when it is enabled by sending attribute code 0x0011.
    6. Bring the PMA out of reset by sending attribute code 0x0001.
  3. Bring the Native PHY IP core out of digital reset.
Note: 0x8A[7] is 1 after either using the embedded reconfiguration stream to change to a new profile, or using register 0x91[0] to restore the previous profile. You must clear register 0x8A[7] by writing 0x8A[7] to 1 before sending any attributes to the PMA.

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