E-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683723
Date 9/08/2023
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Give Feedback Reading PMA Analog Parameters

Use attribute code 0x002C to read the analog parameter. Refer to the following table for information on how to read the value.

Table 79.  PMA Analog Parameters
Parameter Name {0x85[7:0],0x84[7:0]}
GainLF 0x0901
CTLE LF Min 0x0909
CTLE LF Max 0x090A
GainHF 0x0900
CTLE HF min 0x0907
CTLE HF max 0x0908
GS1 0x0904
GS2 0x0905
RF_P2 0x0D00
RF_P2_MIN 0x0D09
RF_P2_MAX 0x0D0A
RF_P1 0x0D01
RF_P1_MIN 0x0D07
RF_P1_MAX 0x0D08
RF_P0 0x0D02
RF_B1 0x0D04
RF_B0 0x0D03
RF_B0T 0x200B
RF_A {0x85[7:0],0x84[7:0]} 0x2001
{0x85[7:0],0x84[7:0]} 0x2002

If you need to change the RF_A parameter, update both sets of RF_A parameters:

  1. Use attribute code 0x002C with {0x85[7:0],0x84[7:0]} = 0x2001 to read the first parameter.
  2. Use attribute code 0x006C to update the first parameter.
  3. Use attribute code 0x002C with {0x85[7:0],0x84[7:0]} = 0x2002 to read the second parameter.
  4. Use attribute code 0x006C to update the second parameter.
Note: The above steps are a high level description of the steps. Please refer to PMA Attribute Details for details on how to send the PMA attributes on the Avalon® memory-mapped interface bus.

The value is returned on Avalon® memory-mapped interface {0x89[7:0],0x88[7:0]}.