E-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683723
Date 4/01/2024
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8.12.3. Loading a PMA Configuration

This is an example of a single channel loading a single PMA configuration. For multi-channel designs, repeat steps 4 through 8 for all subsequent channels.
  1. Write 0x40143 = 0x80. This chooses the PMA configuration that is subsequently loaded into channels (0x40143 and 0x40144 can only be accessed from channel 0). The value of 0x80 corresponds to PMA configuration 0. Values of 0x80 to 0x87 are valid depending on which one of the eight PMA configurations you are using (values 0x80 to 0x87 correspond to PMA configurations 0 to 7, sequentially).
  2. Read 0x40144[0] until it reports 0x1. This ensures that this process did not time out.
  3. Write 0x200 = 0x00. This chooses between the PMA configuration for initial adaptation or continuous adaptation; 0x00 = initial adaptation, 0x01 = continuous adaptation. Refer to the Loading PMA Configuration Register LOAD_PMA_CONFIGURATION figure for details.
  4. Write 0x201 = 0x00. Always 0 for this opcode.
  5. Write 0x202 = 0x00. Always 0 for this opcode.
  6. Write 0x203 = 0x94. This picks the opcode for LOAD_PMA_CONFIGURATION.
  7. Read 0x207 until it becomes 0x80. This indicates that the operation has completed successfully.
    Note: PMA analog reset is required before loading a PMA configuration for initial adaptation to restore the default parameter settings. Parameters that are set to default in the PMA configuration are not written and rely on starting at the default value.