E-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683723
Date 9/08/2023
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9.2.4. 0x0005: TX Channel Divide By Ratio

Attribute Code



Configures TX of transceiver channel to the appropriate divide-by ratio. See Supported Data Rate Ratios for PMA Attribute Codes 0x0005 and 0x0006 for valid settings.

  • 0x84[7:0] Set the data rate to reference clock frequency ratio
  • 0x85[2:0]: 3'b000 to set the TX running at more than 15 Gbaud per second
  • 0x85[2:0]: 3'b001 to set the TX running at half rate
  • 0x85[2:0]: 3'b010 to set the TX running at quarter rate
  • 0x85[2:0]: 3'b011 to set the TX running at one-eighth rate
  • 0x85[3]: 1'b0
  • 0x85[4]: 1'b1 to configure the PMA channel as a slave channel when multiple channels are bonded
  • 0x85[5]: 1'b0
  • 0x85[6]: 1'b0 to select refclk_in_a as the TX reference clock
  • 0x85[6]: 1'b1 to select refclk_in_b as the TX reference clock
  • 0x85[7]: 1'b1 to apply settings to both TX and RX

PMA Can Be Running While Updating PMA Attribute?


Return Value {0x89[7:0],0x88[7:0]}

0x00FF: Invalid configuration

0x0005: Success