E-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683723
Date 9/08/2023
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6.9.1. Reset Parameters in the Native PHY GUI

Table 65.  Reset Parameters
Parameter Name Range Description
Enable Manual Reset On/Off On = Use the manual reset process to reset the Native PHY.
Enable Fast Simulation for Controller On/Off On = Use reduced reset timings for simulation.
Enable Fast Simulation for Sequencer On/Off On = Use reduced reset timings for simulation.
Enable Individual TX and RX Reset On/Off On = Use individual reset to reset the TX or RX PMA path individually.
Use Separate TX/RX Reset Per Channel On/Off

If you implement multiple channels in your Native PHY IP

  • On = Each channel’s signals are independent from others and do not gate other channels’ reset sequences.
  • Off = If any channel’s PMA is not ready, deasserting rx_is_lockedtodata affects all channels.

If you implement a single channel in the Native PHY IP, this has no effect.

Enable TX/RX reset sequencing On/Off On = The reset controller deasserts the TX before deasserting the RX. This parameter needs to be set when RS-FEC is enabled in aggregate mode and Enable datapath and interface reconfiguration is disabled.
RX Reset Duration 100 ns to 1 ms The RX pulses the rx_is_lockedtodata output when there is no serial data. The reset controller by default waits for the rx_is_lockedtodata to be high for 100 ns before deasserting reset. You can set this parameter for additional filtering.