E-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

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Date 9/08/2023
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9.3. PMA Registers 0x200 to 0x203 Usage

Use registers 0x200 to 0x203 as an alternative method to set certain PMA attributes or to perform a PMA analog reset. For details, refer to Loading a PMA Configuration.

Figure 120. Loading PMA Configuration Register START_ADAPTATION
Note: The Initial Adaptation Effort settings using registers 0x200 to 0x203 is correct, although it differs from the settings that you use while utilizing the PMA attribute codes.
Figure 121. Loading PMA Configuration Register SET_OPERATION_MODE
Figure 122. Loading PMA Configuration Register LOAD_PMA_CONFIGURATION
Figure 123. Loading PMA Configuration Register CHECK_CAL_STATUS
Figure 124. Loading PMA Configuration Register LOW_POWER_MODE

Refer to PMA Analog Reset, Set PRBS Mode and Internal Serial Loopback, Start Adaptation and Put PMA in Mission Mode, Read the Physical Channel Number, and Check the PMA Adaptation Status for how to set registers 0x200 to 0x203.