E-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683723
Date 4/01/2024
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6.2. How Do I Reset?

E-Tile transceivers have separate reset procedures for analog reset and digital reset.

You can use the PMA attribute code 0x0001 on the Avalon® memory-mapped interface reconfiguration bus to enable or disable the PMA. Digital reset can be asserted using the digital reset controller in the Native PHY IP.

There are special reset procedures to follow if the E-Tile Native PHY IP core is configured with the RS-FEC enabled.

Table 58.  Reset Requirements when RS-FEC is Enabled
Number of Channels Enable RS-FEC Enable datapath and interface reconfiguration Aggregate Mode Reset Controller
1 to 24 No No N/A Manual or automatic mode
1 to 3 Yes No N/A Bypassed
1 to 3 Yes Yes N/A Bypassed
4 Yes No No Bypassed
4 Yes Yes No Bypass
4 Yes No Yes Manual or automatic mode
4 Yes Yes Yes Bypassed

The reset tab does not appear when you bypass the reset controller. See Reset Controller Bypass for details about how to reset the transceiver digital logic when the reset controller is bypassed.

Note: When resetting both the analog and digital logic, the digital reset controller cannot reset the PMA. Therefore, you must monitor the tx_pma_ready/rx_pma_ready outputs and make sure the PMA has been reset successfully through the Avalon® memory-mapped interface reconfiguration bus before deasserting the digital reset inputs. This ensures that the reset controller does not accidentally deassert reset to different sub-blocks like EMIB or RS-FEC before the PMA comes out of reset.