E-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683723
Date 9/08/2023
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Give Feedback Reading NRZ/PAM4 Eye Height

Use attribute code 0x002C to read the NRZ/PAM4 eye height.

For NRZ, all six of the eye heights below return the same value, so you can use any one of them to get the eye height.

For PAM4, the six eye heights return different values because PAM4 uses all six.

The eye height is returned on registers {0x89[7:0],0x88[7:0]}.

Table 80.  Reading NRZ/PAM4 Eye Height
Parameter Name Value
Lower Even Eye {0x85[7:0],0x84[7:0]}: 0x1700
Middle Even Eye {0x85[7:0],0x84[7:0]: 0x1701
Upper Even Eye {0x85[7:0],0x84[7:0]: 0x1702
Lower Odd Eye {0x85[7:0],0x84[7:0]}: 0x1703
Middle Odd Eye {0x85[7:0],0x84[7:0]: 0x1704
Upper Odd Eye {0x85[7:0],0x84[7:0]: 0x1705