E-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683723
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents

A.1. E-Tile Channel Placement Tool Revision History

Document Version Changes
2023.04.03 Updated product family name to "Intel Agilex 7."
2021.12.09 Made the following change:
  • Added note to contact Intel Support about OTN protocol channel placement guidance.
2020.06.02 Made the following changes:
  • Changed the Fractured FEC note to a warning when more than one Fractured IP is placed on a FEC block.
  • Removed the error for mixing NRZ and PAM4 across an EHIP_CORE.
  • Added the 100G PAM4 PMA Direct with KP‐FEC protocol.
Note: FEC 1 and FEC 4 cannot have a single Fractured FEC IP placed across them to cover that FEC due to how the E-Tile Channel Placement Tool places channels, so follow the warning, and observe the rules in Quartus® Prime.
2020.01.31 Made the following change:
  • Added the serial lite IV NRZ protocol.
2019.10.11 Made the following changes:
  • Added the Related Information links for the Intel Agilex device documents.
  • Added aggregate FEC modes for PMA direct, both PAM4 and NRZ.
  • Clarified that the tool is for E-tile in general.
  • Added Stratix® 10 DX Packages and Intel Agilex Packages tabs to the tool.
2019.07.29 Made the following changes:
  • Removed multi-channel selections from non-FEC channels to streamline the Protocol drop down list.
  • Revised the fractured FEC note to indicate that:
    • Only one IP can be instantiated per FEC block when using fractured FEC.
    • Unique protocols on one fractured FEC block can only be achieved using dynamic reconfiguration.
  • Added new multi-channel selections, mainly emphasizing those using fractured FEC or PTP due to the single IP per FEC block restriction when using those modes.
  • Changed PTP so that it can no longer be selected as a standalone.
2019.02.04 Made the following changes:
  • Added information for clocking fractured FEC.
  • Added new protocol: Channel PLL.
  • Updated PAM4 protocol formatting.
2018.05.15 Made the following changes:
  • Renamed the "Channel Use Model" appendix to "E-Tile Channel Placement Tool."
  • Removed PMA Direct Single Channel Mode, PMA Direct Dual Channel Mode, and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Placement.
  • Added a description, screenshot and link to the "E-Tile Channel Placement Tool" and Stratix® 10 PCG.
2018.01.31 Initial release.