Nios® II Processor Reference Guide

ID 683836
Date 8/28/2023
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3.2.1. Recommended Usage

Including the Nios II MMU in your Nios® II hardware system is optional. The MMU is only useful with an operating system that takes advantage of it.

Many Nios® II systems have simpler requirements where minimal system software or a small-footprint operating system (such as the Intel FPGA® hardware abstraction library (HAL) or a third party real-time operating system) is sufficient. Such software is unlikely to function correctly in a hardware system with an MMU-based Nios® II processor. Do not include an MMU in your Nios® II system unless your operating system requires it.

Note: The Intel FPGA HAL and HAL-based real-time operating systems do not support the MMU.

If your system needs memory protection, but not virtual memory management, refer to Memory Protection Unit section.