Avalon Verification IP Suite: User Guide

ID 683439
Date 2/17/2022
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17. Nios II Custom Instruction Slave BFM

You can use Nios II Custom Instruction Slave BFM to verify the following aspects of the Nios II custom instruction slave interface:
  • Combinational and multicycle slave custom instructions
  • Extended instructions
Figure 25. Custom Instructions Slave BFM Block Diagram

The Nios II Custom Instruction Slave BFM does not use queues to manage the instructions or results. Without queues, the BFM uses events to retrieve the instructions and to drive results. This method allows greater flexibility in controlling the output result. For example, driving a result when the interface is unknown. The BFM drives the old result onto the interface if you do not provide a new result for an instruction. If there is no instruction, the BFM drives unknown (X) on the interface.