Avalon Verification IP Suite: User Guide

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Date 2/17/2022
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15. External Memory BFM

You can use external memory BFMs to verify the following aspects of external memory interfaces:
  • Read and write operations
  • Memory initialization
Figure 23. Usage of External Memory BFM with Tri-State ComponentsThe following figure shows how to use the external memory BFM with tri-state components.
Table 21.  External Memory BFM and Related Components
Component Description
External memory BFM Represents the external RAM. The external memory BFM is a memory model with an Avalon-TC interface. The BFM also models a set of memories that are supported by the generic tri-state controller component.
Tri-State Conduit Bridge Converts Avalon-TC signals into conduit signals.
Tri-State Conduit Pin Sharer Carries the shared address bus and data.
Tri-State Conduit Inverse Pin Sharer
Generic Tri_State Controller Controls the external memory BFM. The generic tri-state controller accepts read and write requests. It converts these requests into necessary SDRAM and bank management commands.