Avalon Verification IP Suite: User Guide

ID 683439
Date 2/17/2022
Document Table of Contents

5. Avalon-MM Master BFM

The Avalon-MM Master BFM implements the Avalon-MM interface protocol, including: read, write, burst read, and burst write. The figure below shows the top-level modules for a testbench using the Avalon-MM BFM to verify an Avalon-MM slave component. The typical testbench includes the following components:
  • The Avalon-MM Master BFM
  • A test program
  • The DUT that includes an Avalon-MM slave interface

Using the Avalon-MM BFM has the following advantage. It highlights any misinterpretation of the Avalon-MM protocol that might be missed in a testbench designed by a single engineer.

Note: The BFMs allow illegal transactions so that you can test the error-handling functionality of your DUT. Consequently, the BFMs cannot be relied upon to guarantee protocol compliance. The Avalon Monitor components verify protocol compliance.
Figure 3. Top-Level Module to Verify an Avalon-MM Slave Device