Avalon Verification IP Suite: User Guide

ID 683439
Date 2/17/2022
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11.3.18. set_user_signal_per_packet_data()


set_user_signal_per_packet_data (“color”, per_pkt_data)


Verilog HDL:

  1. Name of PER_PACKET user signal as a string (example – “color” in this case)
  2. Data value to be driven for the user signal, in this case per_pkt_data is a bus that drives the data.




Sets the value of input PER_PACKET user signal in out-going transaction. If there are multiple PER_PACKET user signals, the width of per_pkt_data is the max value from all PER_PACKET user signals. One API call can drive data through one selected signal. Need to make multiple API calls for driving multiple signals.

Language Support:

Verilog HDL

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