Avalon Verification IP Suite: User Guide

ID 683439
Date 2/17/2022
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19.2. Avalon-MM VHDL Testbench Description

At the top-level, the VHDL HDL version of the Avalon-MM testbench includes two modules:

  • The System Under Test: This module includes the Avalon-MM Master and Slaves components and the Avalon-MM Master and Slave BFMs.
  • The Test Program: The module includes Master Command and Slave Threads.
Figure 32. VHDL Testbench for Two Avalon-MM Masters and Slaves

The Master Command Thread performs the following functions:

  • Generates random commands
  • Passes the commands to Avalon-MM Master BFM
  • Saves the commands in a FIFO for command and response verification
  • For read commands, the master waits for a valid response and verifies it against the expected read data.

The Slave Thread performs the following functions:

  • Randomly sets backpressure cycles to Avalon-MM Slave BFM
  • Waits for valid commands
  • Retrieves valid commands from the Avalon-MM Slave BFM
  • Verifies commands against the expected command
  • Sends read data for read commands.
  • Saves read data in a FIFO for verification

The test program sends the following transaction types:

  • Non-bursting writes
  • Non-bursting reads
  • Bursting writes
  • Bursting reads