External Memory Interface Handbook Volume 3: Reference Material: For UniPHY-based Device Families

ID 683841
Date 3/06/2023
Document Table of Contents

3.14.2. Setting I/O Assignments in Arria® 10 EMIF IP

The .qip file contains the I/O standard and I/O termination assignments required by the memory interface pins for proper operation. The assignment values are based on input that you provide during generation.

Unlike earlier device families, for Arria® 10 EMIF IP you do not need to run a <instance_name)_pin_assignments.tcl script to add the assignments into the Quartus Prime Settings File (.qsf). The system reads and applies the assignments from the .qip file during every compilation, regardless of how you name the memory interface pins in the top-level design component. No new assignments are created in the project's .qsf file during compilation.

Note that I/O assignments in the .qsf file must specify the names of your top-level pins as target (-to), and you must not include the -entity or -library options.

Consult the generated .qip file for the set of I/O assignments that are provided with the IP.

Changing I/O Assignments

You should not make changes to the generated .qip file, because any changes are overwritten and lost when you regenerate the IP. If you want to override an assignment made in the .qip file, add the desired assignment to the project's .qsf file. Assignments in the .qsf file always take precedence over assignments in the .qip file.