Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP Core Fabric and General Purpose I/Os Handbook

ID 683777
Date 2/15/2023
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6.5.4. Remote System Upgrade Registers

The remote system upgrade block contains a series of registers that store the configuration addresses, watchdog timer settings, and status information.

Table 47.  Remote System Upgrade Registers
Register Description
Shift Accessible by the logic array and clocked by RU_CLK . Allows the update, status, and control registers to be written and sampled by user logic.
  • Write access is enabled in remote update mode for factory configurations to allow writing to the update register.
  • Write access is disabled for all application configurations in remote update mode.
Control This register is clocked by the 10-MHz internal oscillator. It contains the current configuration address, the user watchdog timer settings, one option bit for checking early CONF_DONE, and one option bit for selecting the internal oscillator as the startup state machine clock. The contents of this register are shifted to the shift register for the user logic in the application configuration to read. When reconfiguration is triggered, this register is updated with the contents of the update register.
Update This register is clocked by RU_CLK . It contains data similar to that in the control register. The factory configuration updates this register by shifting data into the shift register and issuing an update. When reconfiguration is triggered, the contents of the update register are written to the control register.
Status After each reconfiguration, the remote system upgrade circuitry updates this register to indicate the event that triggered the reconfiguration. This register is clocked by the 10-MHz internal oscillator.