Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP Core Fabric and General Purpose I/Os Handbook

ID 683777
Date 2/15/2023
Document Table of Contents Multiple .sof Files

Use both copies of .sof stored in the serial configuration device.
Figure 85. Devices Receiving the Same Data with Multiple .sof Files in Multi-Device AS Configuration

Use the first copy to configure the master device of the Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP device and the second copy to configure all remaining slave devices concurrently. All slave devices must have the same density and package.

  • Set the MSEL pins of the master device to select AS configuration.
  • Set up the other three slave devices for concurrent configuration and set their MSEL pins to select PS configuration.
  • The nCEO pin from the master device drives the nCE input pins on all three slave devices, and the DATA and DCLK pins that connect in parallel to all four devices.
  • During the first configuration cycle, the master device reads its configuration data from the serial configuration device while holding nCEO high.
  • After completing its configuration cycle, the master device drives nCE low and sends the second copy of the configuration data to all three slave devices, configuring them simultaneously.

The advantage of the setup is that you can have a different .sof for the master device. However, you must configure all the slave devices with the same .sof. You can either compress or decompress the .sof in this configuration method.

Note: You can still use this method if the master and slave devices use the same .sof.