Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683054
Date 4/14/2023
Document Table of Contents

2.2.3. Generate the PHY IP Core

After configuring the PHY IP, complete the following steps to generate the PHY IP.

  1. Click the Generate HDL button in the Parameter Editor window. The Generation dialog box opens.
  2. In Synthesis options, under Create HDL design for synthesis select Verilog or VHDL.
  3. Select appropriate Simulation options depending on the choice of the hardware description language you selected under Synthesis options.
  4. In Output Directory, select Clear output directories for selected generation targets if you want to clear any previous IP generation files from the selected output directory.
  5. Click Generate.

The Quartus® Prime software generates a <phy ip instance name> folder, <phy ip instance name>_sim folder, <phy ip instance name>.qip file, <phy ip instance name>.qsys file, and <phy ip instance name>.v file or <phy ip instance name>.vhd file. This <phy ip instance name>.v file is the top level design file for the PHY IP and is placed in the <phy ip instance name>/synth folder. The other folders contain lower level design files used for simulation and compilation.