Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX Transceiver PHY User Guide

ID 683054
Date 4/14/2023
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2.4.12. Unused Transceiver Channels

To prevent performance degradation of unused transceiver channels over time, the following assignments for RX pins must be added to an Cyclone® 10 GX device QSF. You can either use a global assignment or per-pin assignment. For the per-pin assignment, true or complement RX pin can be specified.

set_global_assignment -name PRESERVE_UNUSED_XCVR_CHANNEL ON


set_instance_assignment -name PRESERVE_UNUSED_XCVR_CHANNEL ON -to [pin_name (BB6, for example)]

Example of <pin_name> is AF26 (Do not use PIN_AF26)

set_instance_assignment -name PRESERVE_UNUSED_XCVR_CHANNEL ON -to AF26

Note: This assignment applies to either an RX or a TX pin. If you assign it to both, the fitter fails.