DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs (Advanced Blockset): Handbook

ID 683337
Date 5/27/2022

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4.7.1. DSP Builder Generated Files

DSP Builder generates the files in a directory structure at the location you specify in the Control block, which defaults to ../rtl (relative to the working directory that contains the .mdl file). If you turn on the Generate Hardware option in the parameters for the DSP Builder Control block, every time the simulation runs, the underlying hardware synthesizes, and VHDL writes out into the specified directory.
Table 14.  Generated Files

DSP Builder creates a directory structure that mirrors the structure of your design. The root to this directory can be an absolute path name or a relative path name. For a relative path name (such as ../rtl), DSP Builder creates the directory structure relative to the MATLAB current directory.

File Description
rtl directory
<model name>.xml An XML file that describes the attributes of your model.
<model name>_entity.xml An XML file that describes the boundaries of the system.
<model name>_params.xml When you open a model, DSP Builder produces a model_name_params.xml file that contains settings for the model. You must keep this file with the model.
rtl/<model name> subdirectory
<block name>.xml An XML file containing information about each block in the advanced blockset, which translates into HTML on demand for display in the MATLAB Help viewer and for use by the DSP Builder menu options.
<model name>.vhd This is the top-level testbench file. It may contain non-synthesizable blocks, and may also contain empty black boxes for Simulink blocks that are not fully supported.
<model name>.add.tcl This script loads the VHDL files in this subdirectory and in the subsystem hierarchy below it into the Quartus Prime project.
<model name>.qip This file contains information about all the files DSP Builder requires to process your design in the Quartus Prime software. The file includes a reference to any .qip file in the next level of the subsystem hierarchy.
<model name>_<block name>.vhd DSP Builder generates a VHDL file for each component in your model.
<model name>_<subsystem>_entity.xml An XML file that describes the boundaries of a subsystem as a black-box design.
<subsystem>.xml An XML file that describes the attributes of a subsystem.
*.stm Stimulus files.
safe_path.vhd Helper function that the .qip and .add.tcl files reference to ensure that pathnames read correctly in the Quartus Prime software.
safe_path_msim.vhd Helper function that ensures a path name reads correctly in ModelSim.
<subsystem>_atb.do Script that loads the subsystem automatic testbench into ModelSim.
<subsystem>_atb.wav.do Script that loads signals for the subsystem automatic testbench into ModelSim.
<subsystem>/<block>/*.hex Files that initialize the RAM in your design for either simulation or synthesis.
<subsystem>.sdc Design constraint file for TimeQuest support.
<subsystem>.tcl This Tcl script exists only in the subsystem that contains a Device block. You can use this script to setup the Quartus Prime project.
<subsystem>_hw.tcl A Tcl script that loads the generated hardware into Platform Designer.