Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Design Compilation

ID 683283
Date 9/24/2018
Document Table of Contents

1.10.3. Using Incremental Compilation With Intel® Quartus® Prime Archive Files

The post-synthesis and post-fitting netlist information for each design partition is stored in the project database, the incremental_db directory. When you archive a project, the database information is not included in the archive unless you include the compilation database in the .qar file.

If you want to re-use post-synthesis or post-fitting results, include the database files in the Archive Project dialog box so compilation results are preserved. Click Advanced, and choose a file set that includes the compilation database, or turn on Incremental compilation database files to create a Custom file set.

When you include the database, the file size of the .qar archive file may be significantly larger than an archive without the database.

The netlist information for imported partitions is already saved in the corresponding .qxp. Imported .qxp files are automatically saved in a subdirectory called imported_partitions, so you do not need to archive the project database to keep the results for imported partitions. When you restore a project archive, the partition is automatically reimported from the .qxp in this directory if it is available.

For new device families with advanced support, a version-compatible database might not be available. In this case, the archive will not include the compilation database. If you require the database files to reproduce the compilation results in the same Intel® Quartus® Prime version, you can use the following command-line option to archive a full database:

quartus_sh --archive -use_file_set full_db [-revision <revision name>]<project name>