Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Design Compilation

ID 683283
Date 10/22/2021
Document Table of Contents Creating Design Partitions in the Design Partitions Window

The Design Partitions window, available from the Assignments menu, allows you to create, delete, and merge partitions, and is the main window for setting the netlist type to specify the level of results preservation for each partition on subsequent compilations.

The Design Partitions window also lists recommendations at the bottom of the window with links to the Incremental Compilation Advisor, where you can view additional recommendations about partitions. The Color column indicates the color of each partition as it appears in the Design Partition Planner and Chip Planner.

You can right-click a partition in the window to perform various common tasks, such as viewing property information about a partition, including the time and date of the compilation netlists and the partition statistics.

When you create a partition, the Quartus® Prime software automatically generates a name based on the instance name and hierarchy path. You can edit the partition name in the Design Partitions Window so that you avoid referring to them by their hierarchy path, which can sometimes be long. This is especially useful when using command-line commands or assignments, or when you merge partitions to give the partition a meaningful name. Partition names can be from 1 to 1024 characters in length and must be unique. The name can consist of alphanumeric characters and the pipe ( | ), colon ( : ), and underscore ( _ ) characters.